PAIR calls for investigative journalists in Burkina Faso

Are you a journalist in Burkina Faso? Do you have a good idea for an investigative story? The next deadline for applying for funding is August 30, 2012.

To obtain an application form you can download it from our website or contact the national coordinator of Burkina Faso: Ahmed Newton Barry, +226 50363303/70285882,

How to apply
Investigative journalism is characterized by being independent, critical and systematic and brings out new and important information to the public. If you have an idea for an investigation you can apply for funding by filling out the application form and send it to the national coordinator of Burkina Faso. Our grants can cover salary, expenses of communication, transport, accommodation etc.

The application
An application must contain detailed information about the investigation: A precise description of the project, the reason why the journalist presents this investigation, the goal of the investigation, the time schedule, a detailed budget estimation, a short CV of the journalist etc.
The national coordinator will check if all required information is given in the application before sending it the Danish focal person.

The criteria
To receive support the investigations have to meet the following criteria:

1. The investigation will reveal new, important information of obvious public interest.

2. The investigation can be local or trans-national and involve cooperation with investigative journalists from other countries.

3. The investigation is based on firm publishing agreements with at least one and preferably several mass media.

4. The investigative journalists already have access to key information (relevant sources, case-stories and documents) and access to additional information is realistic.

5. The investigation will not produce unacceptable risks to the journalists / media involved.

6. The journalists involved will work according to professional journalistic and ethical standards.

7. Key results of the investigation will be published within a reasonably short time frame.

8. The journalists / editors involved in the investigation will subject their material to legal advisors before publishing to avoid unnecessary conflict with the law. The legal advisors will be appointed by and paid for by PAIR.

If PAIR decides to support the investigation, the journalist will sign a contract and 50 percent of the budget will be transferred to the journalist. After finishing the investigation, the journalist must make a financial report with all receipts and send it to the national coordinator who sends it to MFWA. The remaining 50 percent will be transferred upon MFWAs approval of the financial report.

If you have any questions please contact the national coordinator of Burkina Faso.